Eddie Grey

Eddie Grey is a multi-faceted creative whose successful track record speaks for itself.


The Los Angeles-based musician began playing with synthesizers and writing on computer programs at an early age, eventually beginning a musical education that would take him into the world of composing and songwriting.

His success as a composer has seen many high-level placements, most notably the main title themes for DirectTV’s “Celebrity Beach Bowl”, “Fantasy Football Channel”, and other premiere compositions with ABC’s “Shark Tank” and “World of X-Games”. His work as Head Composer has covered So-Cal Rock and uplifting themes for the Emmy award-winning show "Born This Way" and dark thematic music for the "Kim Kardashian Justice Project" documentary.



Just tried FIREMASTER on the Stereo Output and it blew me away. The ease of use is amazing and necessary for deadlines but the overall quality and fidelity are what really make this stand out. This just became a Go-To for my workflow.


"VoxDucker" is the perfect compliment to the "Voxessor" plug-in. I love how they team up to handle a simple and vital job: to create a clear and transparent ducking effect between one source and another. Ideal for podcast and VO, this will get any bedroom or seasoned podcaster up and running in seconds flat. "Voxessor" will make your narration sound PRO while "VoxDucker" will attenuate any and all background music". P.S I use "Voxessor" on singers quite a lot to get a thick sound. Its sounds impressive. Download a trial today.

Front DAW

Front DAW really surprised me. I was expecting a small bump in quality at best but WOW, it sounds totally authentic. Will def be using this.

SubBass Doctor 808

SubBassDoctor808 is one of those plug-ins that every producer needs on deck. Sooner or later, we are confronted by the Low end and since every song is going to be a little bit different in the sub-department, there needs to be a powerful yet versatile tool to summon. For me, SubBassDoctor808 is one of those. You can certainly crank the Low end and 808's but this plug really shines as it manages the low end in a transparent way. There is no compromise in power and yet it allows me to carefully shape the low end. I am all about it


If you Produce Trap then "Traptune" is the plug you have been waiting for. It is an all-in-one solution for a top-notch vocal performance. It literally does all the work for you. Simply finetune pitch, reverb, distortion, second voice, and delay parameters and an amazing radio-ready vocal will be waiting for you


Cryostasis is a breath of fresh air. This versatile plug-in gives you many options to work with. I definitely like to use it to enhance risers and downshifters but I also like weaving in and out of loops/samples to make them more dynamic and less stale. This is a great character plug-in that will become a staple of my workflow.

Quick AG

QuickAG is something that I have needed for a long time but I never found anything satisfying. If you record live instruments, you know that mixing Acoustic Guitars is no easy feat. Quick AG makes it a little easier to handle this laborious task. It's all there under one plug. Transients too hard? No Problem Quick AG has a really nice Transient dial that pulls those back. Need a more stable performance? All good. AG has 3 built in compressors on deck to help with dynamic leveling. The Verbs are nice along with the EQ, Doubler, and Wider. So grateful for this tool.


Orbitron will literally take your Music Productions into another stratosphere. This level of detail would be almost impossible to achieve with automation. Thank you so much for this awesome plug. Highly recommend ORBITRON for anyone looking to take their Music Productions to the next level by adding more detail and finesse.