Simon Andersson

Swedish bass player, guitarist, songwriter, producer and composer


Simon Andersson, born 1980, is a Swedish bass player, guitarist, songwriter, producer and composer. He's a multi instrumentalist in AudioPlastik (together with ex Frost* singer Dec Burke and Threshold keyboard player Richard West), bass player in Darkwater and songwriter/producer for Scarlet. Previously worked with artists like Pain of Salvation, Britney Spears and Johan Randén to name a few. 



I’ve been playing around lots with QuickBass, and for the clean tones I think it’s fantastic. Dialing in the subbass function does beautiful things to the low end.


Easy to use and sounds fantastic right out of the box. The fact that you can blend in the drive on various EQ sections is a nice touch. Also having the tuner and EQ matching packed in a very smooth layout makes this a go-to plugin for every project.

Urban Puncher

It does punch, that’s for sure :) It lifts the drums quite a lot in the mix.