Quick Tip: Improve your work speed

Hidden functions of United Plugins effects

10/25/19 | JT

Sometimes you may feel like you would like to set your plugins faster or more accurate, but it doesn't seem like you can. Well, you can... We have some secret weapons.

The term "secret weapons" may be a bit exaggerated in this case, we must admit. But still, there are two features that may ease your life with Front DAW, Hyperspace, Royal Compressor or FireCobra (and of course future plugins too). 

Scaling and more using a right-click

Click anywhere in the plugin background with the right mouse button (alternative click on Mac). You will get access to the following features: Scale GUI precisely by per-cent. Get the version info so that you can see if your plugin is up to date. Access product web page, reach support and access online documentation. You may also Activate/Deactivate the plugin and Disable/Enable GPU Acceleration. This may come handy when you experience graphics issues on older systems that we support.

Double-click Menu 

You may wish to turn the knobs more gently and precisely than the GUI in combination with your mouse would allow you. Some parameters (where logical) let you access more accurate numeric settings by double-clicking the knobs. You may also sync some parameters to your project tempo. This differs from plugin to plugin. But if you think a parameter would deserve advanced settings it probably has this feature.