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Introducing Expanse 3D

The new space enhancer with a 70% discount

5 May 2021 | JT

UnitedPlugins proudly announces the availability of the new plugin by JMG Sound. After successfull releases of Hyperspace, Transmutator and Orbitron, Jason Gibbins (JMG Sound) comes up with yet another sophisticated plugin.

Jason's Expanse3D takes advantage of the most recent (and futuristic) knowledge of psychoacoustic effects to help your tracks explode into all three dimensions. This 3Dimension expander will make your sounds deeper, wider and bigger.

Expand your sounds

Expanse 3D achieves the 3D feel using a combination of analogue type saturation, spectral phase offsetting, re-synthesis, intricate delay networks and more. It can be used for mixing, mastering and sound design. It can help glue sounds together and create contrast and definition between sounds in a mix.

The advanced spectral phase processer creates super width while remaining natural and transparent. It keeps bass tight, reduces stereo from the sub and gets progressively wider to the high end. 

Expanse 3D uses a complex algorithm of delay networks with channel and phase processing to enhance the perception of depth and add space. Use it to add dynamic contrast between separate sounds and glue multiple elements together.

Unlike traditional EQ that boosts existing frequencies, Expanse 3D generates additional harmonics to give you deeper bass and brighter treble. It greatly improves the perception of low frequencies on speakers less able to produce them.

Intro discount – 70% off

Expanse 3D is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS. The price is set to €99. But you may grab the intro price (€29) until the end of May.

As usually, a 15-days fully working trial version will give you the full experience - don't hesitate to try...