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Free version of Electrum Core available

Our guitar amp gets a 2nd hand version.

21 April 2022 | jt

Electrum Core, the light version of the Mother of all Guitar Amps (Electrum) has been updated and comes with a FREE use possibility. 

As you probably already know some of our plugins have their 2nd hand versions. After their trial periods expire they do not start producing unpleasant noises but continue working in your projects. You only lose access to some of their features. Namely, those are Front DAW, Royal Compressor, QuickAG and QuickBass. Newly, Electrum Core joins the club. 

Electrum Core (FREE)

Electrum Core is a light version of Electrum - the all-in-one guitar solution. The Core version is stripped from all effects and offers only the Amp and Cab modules and also the Automatic Volume setup. Its 5 amp types can deliver anything from clean guitars to heavy tones. Electrum Core is meant to serve in quick operations and to get you to the goal as quickly as possible.

Electrum Core comes up with a 15-days fully working trial version. If you want to use the limited FREE version just install the trial and let it expire.  (But of course, the full version of electrum core gives you more ways to tweak your guitar sound.)