What does JMG stand for?

Introducing the Hyperspace Creator

10/24/19 | JT

Why so many brands you may ask. That is because United Plugins consist of several independent development teams. Let us introduce one of them.

What does JMG stand for?

My name, Jason Malcolm Gibbins.

So you are...

I am the creator of JMG Sound. I design and build the plugins from scratch. I would describe myself as a sound designer. Although I have worked as a ghost producer and created my own music in the past. The majority of my work has been focused on sound design. This involves making presets for synths and effects, creating samples for libraries and more recently combining those with GUI design.

What type of plugins would you usually use?

I enjoy using plugins that allow me to be really creative. This means they have to be extremely flexible with as few limitations as possible. I like working with spectral processing, re-synthesis, physical modelling and modular environments.

What made you think there is a need for a plugin like Hyperspace?

Most algorithmic reverbs on the market have just one flavour. They seem to be either, vintage hardware, modern clean room simulation or creative unrealistic sounding. I wanted all of these in one, so I made Hyperspace.

Who do you think would mainly benefit from Hyperspace?

Honestly, everyone! The controls are designed to be super intuitive and fast to use, so even an absolute beginner can get great-sounding results. However, the plugin is deceptively deep. There are so many unique features here that even the most advanced reverb experts will feel like a kid in a sweet shop.

What would you say is most unique about Hyperspace?

You can build your own algorithms in a snap and it's almost impossible to make them sound anything other than amazing. We used machine learning to qualify over 20 million settings and only provided the best, so all the hard work has been done. All that is left to do is simply move the XY pads to find the sound you love, there is almost an infinite number of possibilities, so the sound you get will be unique to you.

Enough about Hyperspace, everyone can download its trial version and test it :). What's next?

Haha, don't rush. There is a major update for Hyperspace coming soon. And a new plugin (as powerful as Hyperspace) is about to be published soon. But you'll have to wait for it a bit.